Our Story


Our Story
We came up with the idea of “The uniek” due to Pandemic and the world has been locked down. We want to build the platform to bring the world closer without fear of obstacles, so that we won’t miss all the good stuff in Europe, their cultures, their designers, their living style, even our good friends in Europe. We combine all the concept and energy between both Asian team and European team to build up The uniek, wish to bring all these from Europe to your next door.
The designers can still have a great platform to perform their great job. The guests can still enjoy the daily life with good and quality design.
That’s how The uniek was born!
Our concept is to build a “family” concept store with good designs and high quality items. Today, any kind of bond is important to us and we want to make sure to meet the needs of everyone in the family. Our mission is to allow contemporary design to add fun and a personal touch to life of everyone.

Creativity in your Uniek life

We are always seeking for new designs and creative designers who can enlighten our life. Refreshing ideas to keep our collections original and creative. We are always aware of how much design talent there is in the world and we are a company who likes to capture as much of that as possible. 

Green consumption

We show the high appreciation of the craftsmanship, premium materials and processes behind the production of an item. We love the product that is produced fairly or with minimum impact on the environment. The designers and brands are selected in making goods with the utmost respect for human beings and the environment. 

Fashion styling

As fashion enthusiasts, we are delighted to offer a selection of fashion Jewellery and accessories with good brands such as Abrazi, Zsiska, Gregio to take care of you in different moods and in different occasions. Follow us on Instagram or Facebook to keep up-to-date with our news, as many iconic brands join The uniek every season.

The world of babies Sharing the same love

The products we picked help to welcome a baby into the world and beyond, with a gentle touch from sustainable materials. We believe that every moment is worth embracing; from the sleep deprived times to the snuggles fuelled by laughter, each moment is a magical milestone for your family. We pride ourselves on selecting the most beautiful brands for newborns.  

Beauty and healthcare products for the whole family

Discover our range of cosmetics and beauty products for the whole family. Our offer includes natural organic products and high tech items. Our products aim at the skin problem as well as body balance solution.

Cozy Home

Accessories, gift items, clocks, small furniture, lighting and decorations … We are committed to providing tasteful and unique designs that allow everyone to express their own lifestyle sensibilities. 

Children’s world

Each season, The uniek wish to offer the very best of children’s fashion along with exclusive products and collaborations with the most beautiful brands. The online concept store offers a whole range of decorative items, furniture and toys that are both selective and creative. 

Tuck Shop

How many famous or known European groceries and beverages you know? We can’t say we are expert, but we can bring something sweet in your life.