Membership Program Details

General Terms:

  1. A rebate of 5% of the consumption amount will be returned as Gift Voucher after spending in retail or restaurants.
  2. Gift Voucher are calculated to the nearest whole number by rounding.
  3. Gift Voucher can only be used in the retail area.
  4. The validity period of Gift Voucher is 3 months.
  5. Gift Voucher are issued to members immediately after consumption.
  6. There is no minimum spending requirement when using Gift Voucher
  7. The maximum limit of Gift Voucher that can be used on website orders is 50% of the order amount; no such limit exists for in-store purchases.
  8. If the consumption amount is less than the Gift Voucher, the remaining credits will not be carried over to the next transaction.
  9. If a customer holding Gift Voucher consumes in a restaurant and requests to receive Gift Voucher, as the credits cannot be accumulated, the higher amount of Gift Voucher will be retained, and a new validity period will be calculated.
  10. Under any circumstances, Gift Voucher cannot be accumulated or transferred.
  11. If an order is canceled or modified after the issuance of Gift Voucher, the Gift Voucher for that order will be voided.
  12. Gift Voucher cannot be exchanged for cash.
  13. In case of any dispute, The Uniek reserves the right to make the final decision.


Member Details:

  • All members enjoy a 5% rebate as shopping credits.
  • Members are categorized into three levels:
  1. Regular Member (registration required)
  2. VIP Member (cumulative spending of $30,000)
  3. VVIP Member (cumulative spending of $50,000)
  • Membership for all levels is permanent.
  • VIP Members receive a 5% discount on the entire order, and VVIP Members receive a 10% discount, along with the 5% shopping credits rebate. (*Exclusions apply.)
  • Existing members can utilize their current points for benefits in the retail area before transitioning to the new points system.