Women! Love Your Self

  • By Roy Yiu
  • Jan 19
Women! Love Your Self

In a recent issue of the Consumer Council's monthly magazine, 23 traditional stick lipsticks and 7 lip glazes or liquid lipsticks on the market were tested, with prices ranging from $65 to $505. The tests mainly assessed the safety of the samples, covering substances like mineral oil hydrocarbons MOSH and MOAH and their mixtures, fragrance allergens, and metal elements.

最近一期消費者委員會月刊中,測試了市面上 23 款傳統支裝唇膏和 7 款唇釉或液體唇膏,每支售價由$65 $505 不等,測試主要評估樣本的安全性,涵蓋礦物油物質 MOSH MOAH 等混合物及其類似物、香料致敏物質和金屬元素。


The results showed that 80% of the samples contained MOSH mixtures, with four exceeding European safety standards and five found to contain MOAH or have a carcinogenic risk. Out of the 30 samples, more than half contained allergenic heavy metals (such as nickel and cobalt), and an additional seven samples were found to have fragrance allergens.

測試結果顯示,8 成樣本檢出MOSH混合物,其中4款超歐洲安全標準、5款檢出 MOAH或存致癌風險,30 款樣本中逾半含可致敏重金屬(鎳、鈷等等)、另外7 款樣本檢出香料致敏物。


In today's society, women taking care of themselves has become a reflection of a lifestyle attitude. When choosing cosmetics, finding products with natural ingredients and selecting harmless, safe cosmetics is crucial for their health. Carefully reading labels or choosing cosmetics from "Lucie+Pompette" could be a good choice.



Lucie+Pompette's cosmetics are formulated without parabens (a common preservative) and are vegan, not tested on animals, ensuring gentleness on the skin and reducing the risk of allergies and adverse reactions.





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