For the BEST MUM in the world

  • By Christopher Chee
  • May 04
For the BEST MUM in the world
In the past three years of the epidemic, our mothers were unable to dress up properly as they had to wear masks. This year's Mother's Day, the uniek introduced the Lucie + pompette brand from the United States. Lucie + pompette is a brand that believes that every woman has magic and strives to inspire confidence in their ability to realize their dreams. Give your mom this beautiful magic.
Lucie + pompette's signature LIP BATTER - lip balm
Lip Batter is unlike any product on the market. Our revolutionary non irritating formula, provides all day hydration, and envelops the lips with a unique filling cushion to create a more voluptuous appearance. Lip Batter acts like a treatment and plumps without irritation. Our sheer color is infused with light diffusing optics to create a more fuller appearance. Pure vegetarian, pollution-free, no preservatives.
在過去三年疫情,因為要帶口罩,我們媽媽無法好好打扮過,今年母親節,the uniek 由美國引入Lucie + pompette 品牌。Lucie + pompette 是一個相信每位女性都具有魔力的品牌,並努力激發她們實現夢想的能力的信心。送給媽媽這份美麗的魔力。
Lucie + pompette 當中的招牌LIP BATTER - 潤唇膏
Lip Batter 不同於市場上的任何產品。我們革命性的無刺激性配方提供全天保濕,並用獨特的填充墊包裹雙唇,打造更加性感的外觀。 Lip Batter 是一種3合1的豐盈、光澤和護理產品。我們的配方豐滿雙唇,平滑外觀,填補細紋,並鎖住水分,全天保濕。純素食,無公害,不含防腐劑。
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