Ten tips for using your thermos/flask🚫⚠️

  • By Ming Yeung
  • Feb 23
Ten tips for using your thermos/flask🚫⚠️

Ten tips for using your thermos/flask:


  1. Regular Cleaning: Although thermoses can retain heat, they cannot keep things fresh. Even if you only fill it with water, you should clean it immediately after use to prevent bacterial growth. 🧼


  1. Avoid Dishwashers and Dryers: To prevent deformation or leakage, do not place your thermos in a dishwasher, dryer, or sterilize it in hot water. 🚫🍽️


  1. Choose the Right Cleaning Agents: Avoid using cleaning agents that could corrode the inner lining of the thermos and refrain from using steel brushes to avoid damage. 🧴


  1. Ventilate and Dry: After cleaning, let your thermos air dry. This helps remove odors and prevents bacterial growth. 🌬️


  1. Pay Attention to the Expiry: Stop using the thermos if its inner coating peels off or gets damaged, or if the exterior becomes uneven. ⚠️


  1. Avoid Storing Perishable Drinks for Long: Drinks containing protein, such as soy milk or milk, should be consumed quickly to avoid bacteria proliferation. 🕒🥛


  1. Special Note for Carbonated Drinks: Only thermoses without a sealed lid are suitable for carbonated drinks, as high pressure can cause the lid to pop off or the drink to bubble over. 💨🚫


  1. Focus on Material Safety: Choose thermoses made of BPA-free materials for safe use. 🌿


  1. Not Suitable for Microwave Heating: Never put a thermos in the microwave. This is not only ineffective but also dangerous. 🚫🔥


  1. Avoid Filling to the Brim: Do not fill the thermos too full to prevent liquid from contacting the lid, which could lead to plastic aging or bacterial contamination. 🚱





  1. 定期清洗: 保溫瓶雖然可以保溫,但無法保鮮。即使只裝水,使用後也應立即清洗,以避免細菌滋生。🧼


  1. 避免使用烘碗機和洗碗機: 為防止保溫瓶變形或漏水,不應將其放入烘碗機、洗碗機清洗,或在熱水中消毒。🚫🍽️


  1. 選擇適合的清潔劑: 清潔時應避免使用會腐蝕保溫瓶內襯的清潔劑,並避免使用鋼刷,以免損壞保溫瓶。🧴


  1. 通風晾乾: 清洗後,應讓保溫瓶通風晾乾。這有助於去除異味並防止細菌生長。🌬️


  1. 注意使用限期: 如果保溫瓶的內部塗層剝落或破損,或外部凹凸不平,應停止使用。⚠️


  1. 避免長時間存放易腐壞的飲品: 含蛋白質的飲品,如豆漿、牛奶等,應儘速飲用,以免滋生細菌。🕒🥛


  1. 碳酸飲品的特別注意: 只有無蓋的保溫杯適合裝碳酸飲品,因為氣壓過高可能導致瓶蓋爆開或飲料冒泡溢出。💨🚫


  1. 關注材質安全: 選擇不含BPA(雙酚A)的材料製成的保溫瓶,以確保使用安全。🌿


  1. 不適用於微波爐加熱: 絕對不要將保溫瓶放入微波爐加熱,這不僅無法加熱,還可能造成危險。🚫🔥


  1. 避免裝滿到頂: 不要將保溫瓶裝得太滿,以防水分接觸到瓶蓋,可能導致塑膠老化或細菌污染。🚱


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